I am James Ramos, and I am originally from the Big Island of Hawaii. I’m a dog lover, weekend bruncher and movie junkie. I’m also an avid marathoner (15 marathons and counting since 2010!) and a triathlete (Ironman Arizona 2012 and Ironman World Championships 2015 what! what!). If you see me at a race please say Hello! I would love to meet you.

Since moving to Oahu, I’ve come to really appreciate what little time I get to spend with my family back home. That’s why I always have my camera on hand. Whether I’m at a family gathering or with my dogs at the beach, I take every opportunity to capture moments that I can look back on when I need a little dose of home.

Want to talk photography, triathlons, or both? Let me know! I would be happy to meet up and talk story.

James Ramos Photography | Hawaii Wedding Photographer